Living The Mamma Mia Life – Sailing The Greek Islands


If you’ve been tossing up whether or not to take a week out and live your Mamma Mia fantasy sunning it up on a yacht amongst the Greek Islands – Just. Friggin’. Do. It. I cannot explain how amazing this trip was and how much I want to replicate this exact week in the near future.

Now, you may have heard of Yacht Week, (especially if you’re a 20-Something and enjoy the liquor and the travel) that’s the week (or more likely few months) a year that bikini clad girls and shirtless males head to Greece, Croatia or Turkey, clamber onto a boat and drink a hell of a lot while seeing some of the most amazing sights the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean has to offer.


I was, I’ll admit, a bit intimidated at the prospect of being amongst a group of gorgeously tanned people who could hold their drink far better than me. I was worried that I would end up with I group who would just want to party all day and not actually travel and see the beautiful countries that surrounded the water. That’s why I’m so happy I chose to go with Med Sailors. I researched and found that Med Sailors offered yachts that had a maximum of 8 people on board (plus your skipper). I wanted a smaller group alternative to the larger groups of 20-30 pax on board as I loved the idea of getting to know a small group really well and I wanted to be able to learn how to sail (or at least help out if I could). Med Sailors also travels as a fleet of yachts so you will still be able to meet more than just your boat mates if that’s what you’re after!


I was blessed with an amazing group of people and a brilliant mix of couples and singles (two couples, two friends who had traveled together and two of us who were solo travelers). We all loved the water, liked a few beers but also wanted to be sober enough to really take in and remember every island we got to experience.


We spent the week lying on our yacht, eating our Michelin star chef/skipper’s amazing meals (not a prerequisite for skippers – we were just amazingly lucky) and exploring gorgeous islands. Greece is like no other and I can’t believe it took me this long to get to the beautiful blue and white flagged shores.

If you decide to take the plunge and dive into (pun intended) a sailing trip in dreamy Greece, these are the island’s we visited that I ADORED.








Trust me – waking up on the ocean to a sunrise that feels like only you and your yacht mates can see (and maybe even be joined by some dolphins in early morning like we were) is worth every penny and you will be pining for your Mamma Mia life when it comes time to leave.



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