A Bali Escape – What You Can’t Miss

Bali, Indonesia is a beautiful and very popular destination for a relaxing tropical getaway. There are countless blogs and websites detailing itineraries and fun things to do. Just make sure you don’t miss these eight things.

1.Spend A Day With The Monkeys

Probably very overdone in Bali photos… but I wanted that damn monkey on the shoulder shot okay! We headed to The Monkey Forest in Ubud and we had so much fun with the little mischievous monkeys. They are greedy and love their bananas so watch out. You also do not get a say in which monkey decides he wants your banana (there’s a joke there somewhere) so you might get a nice little baby, or like me, a big dad monkey that’s twice the size of your head.

2. Learn How To Surf At Seminyak

My friend signed us up for surfing lessons in Seminyak which I was pretty hesitant about considering my balance is exceedingly average on flat ground, but I tried it none-the-less. Now, after first falling and eating sand and inhaling too much seawater about 30 times in a row, I finally stood up (see picture for evidence). The falling was less fun, but once you stand up and ride a wave for the first time – there’s nothing like that feeling! And doing it all in a beautiful location in Bali makes it all the more exciting and special.


3. Take A Swing

The Bali Swing (this one based in Ubud) is probably one of the most cliche’d photos that you can get in Bali. The place you go has lines upon lines of tourists lining up in their pretty perfectly bought dresses ready so their travel buddy can get that perfect snap. It may seem cliched, but you can’t argue with the results, or that view.

4. Do Some Yoga in Ubud

If you’ve done any research on Ubud, or taken a brief stroll through the streets, or even looked up ‘Ubud’ on instagram, you’ll see that it is haven for yoga lovers. And everything that often comes with a Yogi. There are yoga clothing stores where ever you go, there are vegan, organic, gluten free brunch places galore and yummy juice and kombucha to make any yogi happy. I love a good yoga and stretch class, so of course I had to give one a try, after all, when in Ubud!

5. Rent An Umbrella, Have A Drink On The Beach

It might seem a little exorbitant, but when your eyes are nicely shaded from the sun and you’re feeling a bit smug on your bean bag while your counterparts rough it on the sand, it’s worth it for a beautiful afternoon watching the sunset.

6. Swim in a Waterfall

We got to Peguyangan Waterfall on Nusa Penida Island and never ever wanted to leave. The waterfall is on the side of a cliff, so you have to nearly risk your life to get to the waterfall (and temple thats perched on the waterfall) but when you get there, you’ll be treated with a near-empty waterfall rock pool to swim in with uninterrupted views of the sea. Perfect.

7. Visit An Island

If you can, try to get away from the main land Bali for a few days and head to one of the amazing islands that surround it. We chose Nusa Penida, which was only a 40 minute speedboat ride from Bali. There were too many gorgeous places on this island and it became my favourite place that we went to. Other gorgeous islands surrounding Bali are the Gili Islands, Lombok, Nusa Lembongon and Menjangan Island.

8. Stay In A Villa With A View

We decided to branch out from our hostel living and splurge a bit on this Green Spirit Villa in Ubud. As soon as we arrived we extended our stay two more nights. The view was amazing, the room and villa was adorable and there was a resident cat. We spent a few days just relaxing in the amazing villa because it was too beautiful for us to leave.



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