Living on a Sand Island (and why you should visit)

It’s been a crazy two months living it up on my own tropical island. So many changes and new faces and a new timetable and climate to get accustomed to that I haven’t felt the words to write what I’ve been up to or what I’ve been feeling. But as it’s the new year, and I’m finally finding my footing on this little sand island, I thought I would celebrate all of the wonderful little moments I’ve had over the past few months living on Fraser Island.

Leaving one of the most popular cities in the world (London) to move to a remote island off the coast of Australia (with a population of 200) is definitely one of the oddest decisions I’ve ever made. However, it has just proven to me over again that my thirst for adventure and love of a new place and challenge is still very alive and well. It has also shown me two things in particular, that fittingly I think are very important for me to remember for the rest of 2018. 1) Just how adaptable I am, and 2) That there are truly lovely people on every speck of this earth.

If you’ve ever imagined living on an island, or want even more convincing to come explore one for a few days, here are my favourite little parts of Fraser Island:

Champagne Pools

On a hot day, this is literally all I want to do (and there are quite a few hot days in Summer in Queensland). I would say that Champagne Pools is my  favourite place on the Island. Gorgeous big rock pools that you can swim in, little (and big) fish that swim around your feet and water that turns into bubbly champagne as it spills into the pools around you – on a 30 degree day there isn’t much better!

Lake Mackenzie

The most popular (and beautiful) lake on the island, you can’t come to Fraser without a visit. It’s the closest lake to Kingfisher Bay Resort and the eastern beach and with the crystal water, white sand and turtles swimming around you, it’s insanely beautiful.

Socks, the Resident Kingfisher Bay Resort Dingo

I took this photo on my 6th week on the Island. I had been 6 whole weeks without seeing one of Australia’s resident wolf doggos and on the day we decided to celebrate reaching one month on the island, gorgeous Socks came up to greet us! I got in a little bit of trouble from my ranger friends for this photo – as clearly when she came over I was far too excited and focussed on taking her photo than standing up, moving the food away from her and showing her who’s boss (don’t try this at home kids). Socks lives close to Kingfisher Bay Resort (my home) and is pretty accustomed to humans. You might be lucky enough to see her if you visit – but don’t do as I do – Dingo’s can be dangerous, so stay back and take your pictures from afar.

Beach Walks

When you can wake up in the morning and walk along the beach to endless sights like this, what’s not to love about living on an Island?

Mackenzies Jetty

Mackenzie’s Jetty is a 20 minute walk from Kingfisher Bay Resort along the beach. It’s an old jetty ruin and really gorgeous when the tide is up. Spend a relaxing day walking or Stand Up Paddle Boarding to the Jetty and back.

Lake Birrabeen

Lake Birrabeen – similar to Lake Mackenzie, but far less touristy. If you’re looking for a day out away from the crowds, this is the lake to head to. Still gorgeous- still white sand, and a lot more room for activities.

Sunsets at Kingfisher Bay

This has become my sight at around 6.30pm every day for the last two months. When I can get off work in time, I head to the beach and watch the sun set over the water, occasionally accompanied with a friend or a cold beverage. It really isn’t a bad place to end your day.

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