Continuing The Detour – On To The Next Adventure

To any of you that have been following my travels over the past few years, you’ll know that I’ve been lucky enough to call London my home for the past two years. I have loved everything about living in this crazy huge city (with the exception of spending the morning in a squished tube with my nose up in some stranger’s sweaty armpit) and I do feel I’ve embraced my time in this beautiful place the best that I possibly could. However, as my visa has begrudgingly come to an end (and a quickie wedding to an Englishman is not looking that favorable) I have had to plan my next adventure.

So where do you go after you’ve spent the most challenging and amazing and exciting two years of your life in one of the busiest and most diverse cities in the world? Apparently, I’m not yet done challenging myself (and giving myself mini anxiety attacks) and the door that opened is an opportunity to experience the complete opposite life to the one that I’ve been living in London.

After applying to jobs in various cities, exploring the concept of applying for another visa for another country or begging the venues of London to sponsor me, I was offered a position living on the rural sandy Fraser Island off the coast of my home state, Queensland, Australia. Yes, I’ll be going from a beautiful but rainy, city home to over 8.7 million people to a tiny sand island with a population of less than 200!

I do believe that things happen for a reason and the things that get thrown at you can either be used as a reason to complain or can be embraced and used as a new way to grow and broaden your view of the world. And although leaving London and the people and life I’ve found here send a big lump in my chest that doesn’t seem to want to budge, I’m excited for the next step. Don’t get me wrong – I’m extremely terrified that I’ll hate the smallness and isolation of living on an island (and hate the proximity to large spiders), but I’m also imagining all of the amazing ways this new adventure could be everything I need (and waking up at sunrise in a bikini on a warm beach 90% of the year does sound pretty great).

So although my ’20 something detour’ is changing, I’ll still be constantly travelling and experiencing new things – this time just with a sunny beach as my base (and maybe finally a tan!?)!

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