When the Weather Ruins Your Travel Plans

You can have every little detail of your trip planned. Every hotel, every transfer, every activity and day tour booked, but some days ol’ mother nature decides to come by and ruin your plans.

To say the weather I had on my last trip to Galway, Ireland was dreary is a colossal understatement. During the three days my friend and I spent in Galway, we truly experienced the famous Irish (bad) weather. The rains were well and truly there. We left sunny London (yes- sunny for once!) and arrived in Galway to meet up with our other friends who had arrived a day early.

They told us of the amazing sunny clear sky weather they had experienced the day previous, and then three days of consistent rain and winds followed. I am generally a very laid back traveler (probably the Australian in me) and feel that overcast weather, storms, floods & fires are just part of the experience and part of life (preferably not on a daily basis though). But some days you just really need a sunny day or your plans just don’t work out.

One of our main reasons for visiting Galway was to see the amazing Cliffs of Moher which is a UNESCO site that receives one million tourist visitors every year. My friend and I had excitedly been looking at photos and Pinterest posts about the cliffs and we were so excited to see the amazing end-of-the-earth like cliff with our own two eyes. Picturing how it would feel to look out into the endless sea and walk for hours along the cliff. Instead, we saw this:

To give you a lovely little (and heartbreaking) comparison. Here is the same site, two days earlier:

We made the most of the experience as much as we could, laughing as the wind nearly picked us up and threw us into the invisible sea below us. We slipped on the mud and battled the wind and rain to at least take some tragically sad photos.

Our Ireland trip was still amazing – although not quite as amazing as we had hoped. Unfortunately, travel is not always glamorous and it definitely doesn’t always go the way you hope or expect. Mother nature can be a little biatch at times. It can be disappointing and a little bit harrowing, but, at least it’s always memorable.


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