Chasing Dragons & Clear Skies in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, Slovenia is one of those gorgeous little towns that are better known as a base town for a more popular site not far from the city (in this case, the beautiful Lake Bled). However, Ljubljana is more than just a name that no one can pronounce (FYI – it’s lyoo-BLYAH-nah phonetically…). I spent three solo days in the sunshine discovering Ljubljana and taking advantage of the 2 Euro Prosecco.

What To Do:

Walk up to the castle on the hill.

No need to pay to get into this castle- all of the viewing spots are free and the one or two rooms are not really worth the money. The walk up and down the hill is easy to get to and a short walk up, this is easily done at the end of the day to get some sunset viewing shots of the city.

Visit the Ljubljana central market.

My favourite lunch for a solo trip – heading to the markets and grabbing something to have on the run or to eat by the water. The Ljubljana central market has a lot of cheap fresh fruit stalls and is open Monday – Saturday all year round.

Walk the length of the river crossing up and down the many bridges.

Ljubljana’s river (The ‘Ljubljanica’) has 17 bridges crossing over it. I spent a good afternoon just wandering up and down the bridges that lead right through the pretty city centre.

Have breakfast with a view of the castle.

While walking the thousand bridges I stumbled upon Paninoteka Restaurant which gave me the perfect mid morning breakfast complete with a perfect view of the Ljubljana castle.

Gaze at the ceiling of St Nicholas’s Church.

Not much to look at from the outside compared to many European churches, but when you step in, the ceiling is something amazing. The church is located between the central market and the entrance to the castle walk – perfect little sight to tick off on your way up.

Embrace the craziness of Metelkova.

Metelkova reminded me a lot of Christiana in Copenhagen- a section of the city dedicated to embracing the different. Spend an afternoon here before heading to one of the bars or clubs in the area, sure to make a for a wild night.

Spy a few dragons on the Dragon Bridge.

Dragon Bridge is probably one of the most popular of the 17 bridges of the Ljublianica. The gorgeous Dragons that can be found all around Ljubljana are most prominent here. Every old town has some kind of myth or legend, Ljubljana’s local says that when a virgin crosses the bridge, one or all of the dragons will wag their tails.

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