One Great Day in Tallinn, Estonia


Christmas markets Tallinn old town

Tallinn, Estonia is one of those beautiful little European cities that are just so gorgeously quaint. Walking down the cobbled streets, I just imagine every local cuddled up with a plaid wool blanket next to a stone fireplace drinking a glass of red wine (just me?). The old town of Tallinn can be seen in an easy day trip, and with both Helsinki (a ferry ride away) and Riga (a slightly longer bus ride) so close, it’s the perfect interim town- although, you you may just love it as much as those we met who visited once and decided to never leave!

However, if your heart is set on living elsewhere, here are some tips on how to have the perfect day in Tallinn!

tallinn christmas markets

Visit the Raekoja Platz (Main Square)

Start the day by heading to the Main Square of Tallinn’s old town. If you’re travelling in November or December you’ll be lucky enough to catch the pretty Tallinn Christmas Markets (new life goal is to see every Christmas Market in every European city!). Drink up some Glögi (hot spiced wine) to keep you warm and wander amongst the pretty lights.

Cathedral tallinn

Marvel at the St. Alexander Vecsky Cathedral

Wander on up the cobbled stoned streets winding around the narrow paths and eventually find yourself turning a corner with the view of the St. Alexander Vecsky Cathedral. We spent far too much time marvelling at this amazing cathedral from every angle. The inside is just as beautiful as the outside (and incidentally has a whomping willow-esque tree strategically placed to one side for those other Harry Potter obsessed travellers…).

Tallinn Town Wall

Head on down the hill and take a little gander at the 15th century Tallinn Town Wall. Having Harry Potter on the brain, we escaped the death eaters with our souls still intact…

Vegetarian Lunch at Von Krahli Aed 

My sister and partner is crime (and travel) is a vegetarian, which can occasionally cause a few issues as to where we eat when we travel. Not in Tallinn. We stumbled on this amazing vegetarian restaurant while trying to find the vegan restaurant called ‘Vegan Restaurant’ (inventive). It was actually one of the best vegetarian restaurants I’ve ever been to- and the staff were absolutely lovely. If you love healthy or vegetarian food -definitely indulge in Von Krahli Aed while in Tallinn.

view tallinn

View of St Olaf’s Church

After lunch head on up to find the view. Need I say more? Constantly searching for the view points over every city I visit to- I knew I needed to find the perfect shot of those gorgeous red roofs! Bonus points for finding a view of the pretty 12th century built, St Olaf’s Church.

Join A Pub Crawl 

And of course the only way to end off a quick day trip is to not end it at all! Find a good hostel (I can personally recommend The Monk’s Bunk Party Hostel), join a pub crawl and get a little sloshed with a bunch of travellers from all over. Drink a shot or two more than you should and have a dance in the middle of a pub or a club and end the day grinning through tired and slightly drunken eyes.


5 thoughts on “One Great Day in Tallinn, Estonia

  1. Evangelina07 says:

    Nice post. I was in Tallinn a few years ago and did a two week tour of Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia and loved it.

    Thanks for bringing some nice memories back.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Bipasha says:

    That view from the vantage point gets some really nice photos, don’t you think? Did you also pose against the wall that says “The Times we had”?

    Liked by 1 person

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