Restless Feet

I think I’ve always had pretty restless feet, it’s only in the last few years that I’ve actually had the courage (or the sense) to actually act on that. You only have to look at my Linked In profile to see that even when I was safely tucked away in my little hamlet of Brisbane, I was still constantly restless. I’ve never had a job (apart from a retail job in high school) that I stayed in longer than a year. Every time I convinced myself I had a valid reason for moving jobs, but maybe it was just that thing inside some of us that makes us say ‘this was nice, but I need a little bit of different’.

rooftop bar Park Lisbon

As I’ve come to my 14th month living abroad in London, my expulsion date is ever present and looming (September 22nd, that cursed date) as if I were to start to plan something else- this would be the time to do so. Friends from back home in Australia are asking when to expect me back and friends from London are asking if I’ll be able to stay and I just have absolutely zero answer for them.

I have come back to the inevitable – once again making another life changing decision. Do I fight hard once again to stay in London – begging to be sponsored, or do I move back to Australia (be it Brisbane or another city), or do I save for the rest of my months and travel the rest of the year? Or. Do I find another city to take me for the next few months or years after London lets me go?

Now I am definitely not going to go out and say that I am always happy or have any kind of big revelation on how to be happy. But I have noticed that especially in the last few years, I have been actively on the pursuit of happy. Constantly re-thinking where I am and evaluating if what I’m spending my time on is going to help or hinder that happiness. Many of the quotes and life lessons ring true right now -but the one that keeps getting shouted back to me from the important people is to stay in the present. As another expat friend and I often say – when you have no concrete plan and you don’t really know where you’ll be 6 months, a year, two years, then that is when you finally actually appreciate where you are and stop looking ahead.

At the moment, all I can say is my restless feet may be on the move again soon, but I am definitely not ready to go back to the normal- whatever my next step, it has to be another adventure. After all, what is life if not a daring adventure?


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