Free London – Yoga Classes

London is super expensive, and gym memberships are one of the most extortionate differences from my home city (we’re talking up to $200 aud a month compared to $45 aud a month back home- UK please explain!). However, being a poor little expat, I have found a few good freebies that help me save a little bit of dosh on exercise! As yoga is currently my favourite fitness craze of choice, here’s the TOTALLY FREE yoga classes that are available in central London!

yoga view isle of skye

1.Sweaty Betty In Store Classes

Sweaty Betty provides completely free in store classes from Hatha Yoga to Barre, to Boxing. It’s all dependant on your local store and which teachers are available for class types and timings. However, plan ahead and book online and you’ve got yourself a fitness class worth up to £20 absolutely free! I tried a Hatha Yoga class in Clapham, and while slightly squished between the racks on the shop front floor, I got a (semi) private yoga session (there were only two other girls in the class!) for free, while getting to window shop at the same time!

yoga beach hand stand

2. Lorna Jane Active Nation Day

If you’ve never heard of Lorna Jane, they are an Australian fitness brand (extremely popular in Australia) and spreading it’s way to the US and now London and the UK. It’s flagship store in the UK is in Covent Garden and although they also provide classes in their Active Living Room (all classes £12) every year they hold a day long Active Nation Day which includes a free group fitness class, free samples from healthy brands and pop ups and entertainment. This year it’s in Shoreditch on the 25th September – come join me!

yoga acro yoga

3. Lululemon In Store Classes & Events

Lululemon activewear stores also provide free in store classes at most of their central London stores. They also have events throughout the year in which they provide free classes or workshops in a different locations (I went to one in Hyde Park in the Summer). Sign up to their mailing list to keep updated and grab a free yoga workshop to fill in your weekend!

yoga mat london

4. Yogarise Community Classes

Yogarise in Peckham provide two weekly community classes free of charge. They take place at 5pm on Tuesday’s and 11.30am on Thursday’s. Community classes are generally Vinyasna or Hatha Flow style and catered to all levels. Yogarise also offer rooftop yoga if you have a day that you want to splurge and make use of a sunny day! The Yogarise Community Classes are entirely free, however they do recommend a donation of £6- which is still incredibly cheap as it is!


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