The Best Views In The Scottish Highlands

In the highlands of Scotland everywhere you look is another perfect view, another gorgeous loch another cute town and perfect natural beauty at every round of the corner. I saw so many incredible views while road tripping the highlands that it’s impossible to narrow them down to my top favourites – however I have somehow managed this feat! If you’re looking for the most perfect and inspiring views in the north of Scotland and the Isle of Skye – look no further!

The Three Sisters of Bidean nam Bian

Yes, I only managed to capture two, but still pretty inspiring no? The Three Sisters are located in the highest mountains of the old county of Argyll in the Bidean nam Bian (a huge collection of mountain ranges) on the south side of Glencoe. Top tip if you’re hiking this area- watch out for the midgies!!

The three sisters

Castle Stalker

Very ominous sounding and ominous looking on a grey day, Castle Stalker can be found 25 miles north of the cute little town of Oban. This little castle was the first of our trip and you can forgive the name as in gaelic it translates to ‘The Castle of the Hunter’ which is slightly less ‘i-have-binoculars-and-am-staring-at-you-y’.

Stalker Rock Castle


My favourite view of the trip, and you can see why. As we walked the short ten minute climb up to the view point and turned around, literally everyone let out a mini gasp (at least my mum and I did). The pictures were so much like a post card that I had to get one with me in it so people would believe we were actually there.


Harry Potter Viaduct (Glenfinnen)

As a crazy Harry Potter fanatic (yes I bought the latest play-to-book installment in Scotland -how fitting) I was of course very excited to see the viaduct and the ‘Hogwarts Express’ with my own two eyes. We had to wait for 15 minutes or so and a crowd gathered all trying to get that perfect shot. I’m now this much closer to receiving my Hogwarts letter (however late it is now..).

Harry Potter Viaduct

The First Glimpses of The Isle of Skye from the Ferry

We took the Ferry from Glenelg to Kylerhea on the Isle of Skye. Adorable sail boats + perfect sky + green trees makes for a pretty perfect view.

Isle of Skye

Elgol (with view of the Cuillin Hills)

The little tiny town of Elgol (if you can call it a town, it had about three houses and zero pubs, but many sheep) had me skipping down the street (as I do when overly excited) to see the amazing view. This adorable little house complete with yellow windows, sheep and veggie patch overlooks the amazing Ciullin Hills.


Neist Point

Neist Point views were incredible. We had to walk up and down a steep path to get there (me realising that sitting in a bus eating fish and chips for a week does not a fit person make) was definitely worth it for a view like this.

Neist Point

When you round a corner you will see a long downhill path that leads to the cutest little white and yellow lighthouse you’ve ever seen. Again another one of those postcard perfect shots!

Neist Point Lighthouse

Eilean Donan Castle, Kyle of Lochash

Another pretty little castle on an island. The Eilean Donan Castle is very well known and a million times photographed. It’s been in plenty of movies, namely James Bond: The World is Not Enough. You can go into this castle for £6 each and it’s well worth it if you’re into history or want to take some closer up shots of the surrounds.

Eilean Donan Castle


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