A Weekend In The Sun – Brighton, UK

London Summer has been just as I predicted – and as I was told by many disgruntled locals and tourists. ‘You’ll get about a week of Summer a year, and up to about 25 degrees tops!’. Finally, on a weekend trip to Brighton, Summer came in a big way.

brighton beach

I had been planning to make a trip to Brighton for the past nine months that I’d been living the expat life in London, but continually put it off as one of my friend’s had planned her hen’s weekend in Brighton and I knew that was right around the corner. As it turns out, it was definitely worth the wait- and Brighton did in no way disappoint.

30 degree heat meant that it was (finally) sunny enough to kick off our jeans and bare our oh-so-pale legs and head straight on down to the famous pier.

brighton pier carousel

Our 15-bed perfectly-situated Air Bnb meant we were just a short stroll in the sunshine to the waters edge and the rocky beach.

carousel brighton beach

The strip where land meets sea is filled with amusement park rides and arcade games that are there all year round, adorable kitchy shops with bespoke items hand made by the local artists, water front bars perfect for a pint of cider (yes, pint – I’m English now), gelati shops and of course, the famous Brighton fish & chips.

fish and chips brighton beach

Which of course, I dutifully tried while lying in a beach chair. Not pictured are the insanely huge seagulls that swooped down and caused a whole group of intelligent twenty-something’s scream our girliest screams. For those who are taking note, the chips I would recommend, the fish not so much (coming from a girl who grew up in Bayside Brisbane and has had my fair share of crumbed fish & chips).

brighton pier

The pier itself is definitely worth a Saturday afternoon stroll down, filled with many tourists and festival rides.

brighton beach

And insanely gorgeous views of the beach (not guaranteed are the many pale Brits (and me) blending in with the rocks).

Yes, rocks. The lack of sand on Brighton beach was the only slight fault I could find in the weekend. Having been spoilt my whole life with white sandy beaches of South East Queensland, I have become accustomed to the sand-between-your-toes feeling that comes with a beach experience. However, as England allows Pimm’s and alcohol in public places, it pretty much made up for it.

The perfect weather, adorable shops, bright blue sea, Pimm’s and beach chairs has made Brighton up in the top three of my favourite places that I’ve visited in the UK so far (London & Edinburgh being 1 & 2!). As it turns out, I really am a seaside girl at heart.


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