Bar Review: The London Cocktail Club

London is filled to the brim with amazing cocktail bars, gin bars, restaurants, pop ups and every exciting food and drink movement to hit the Western World. I figured it was time for me to review The London Cocktail Club as I have spent many hours in ‘research’ working my way down the cocktail list. Once the bar tender at the Oxford Circus branch started to recognise my sister and I, I decided they deserved a post, they had earned it after all.

The London Cocktail Club Bar Review

The London Cocktail Club have many branches over the best parts of London – I have explored the Oxford Circus, Covent Garden, Shoreditch and Shafsbury Avenue branches, all with a similar grungy flair and music to make you reminisce on your teenage days of punk rock, Green Day and My Chemical Romance phases.

My favourite cocktails that I have dutifully sampled are:

Brixton Riot

By far my favourite drink to order is the Brixton Riot. Looking very similar to a Porn Star Martini, but with one important difference – it gets set on fire. For those other pyromaniacs out there, you can see why I order this one the most. While definitely not the safest establishment (and I’m not sure how it passes WH&S) when you get a good bartender they’ll even set the roof on fire making for some very insta – worthy photos.


For those who like drinking out of jars and different objects- this one is based around the TV show Breaking Bad and served in a beaker. The drink is blue and you even get a little clear sachet of popping candy (disguised as crystal meth a la the Breaking Bad drug of choice).

brixton riot london cocktail club

Porn Star Martini

Always a winner, the Porn Star Martini is nothing to be sneezed at. Probably the best tasting in my opinion and served of course in a martini glass, with a side shot of prosecco and half a passionfruit on top.


For those who love a good prosecco but don’t want to waste the novelty of being in a cocktail bar – the Bellini is the one for you. Served in a champagne glass and mixed with peach puree – perfect for a summer drink!

If you like a laid back vibe, loud old school music and fun bartenders and drinks, The London Cocktail Club is definitely one to check out on your next trip to central London!



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