On A Sunny Day In London: Boris Bikes In Hyde Park

wanderlust hyde park london

Yes, it does occasionally happen. The rain stops, the clouds head up to Scotland and there is a perfect sunny day in London. What do you do to embrace the sunshine before the inevitable cloud cover envelops the city yet again? Boris bike around Hyde Park of course!

bike hyde park london travel

Along with half of London, we decided to chuck on our walking shoes, find a free bike docking station and cycle our way around Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. It costs only £2 for 24 hours hire of a bike- one of the cheapest days out in London you can find!

After we had sufficiently remembered how to ride a bike again, we were off, dodging tourists, locals and little suicidal children on scooters that trusted our cycling expertise much more than they should.

bike hyde park wanderlust

We rode to the round pound, aptly named ‘Round Pond’ and the long stretch of water shockingly called ‘The Long Water’ (no muscles were strained thinking these ones up) .

hyde park london

Stopping occasionally to feed the swans (and apparently the pigeons).

daffodil hyde park

And of course taking a photo of a sea of yellow daffodils out for the Spring.

kensington palace wanderlust travel london

We even rode by to drop in and say ‘hi’ to Wills and Kate at Kensington Palace. Who were rudely not in attendance, or at least refused to come out when we called.

albert memorial wanderlust

Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens have many sculptures and memorials throughout the parks including the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain and the Animals In War Memorial.

Our favourite was the Albert Memorial in Kensington Gardens.

london wanderlust

Strategically placed directly across from the Royal Albert Hall, the Albert Memorial was built in memory of Prince Albert commissioned by Queen Victoria.

hyde park london wanderlust

And it’s also p r e t t y.

hyde park

After a long day galavanting around the parks of London we were in desperate need for a delicious and healthy lunch.

london wanderlust

We stumbled on to the Covent Garden Hummus Bros which was so incredible I’m considering having it for my next three meals. I can definitely vouch for the Chicken & Guacamole Hummus Bowl & their refreshing Mint & Ginger Lemonade – if you’re after a healthy lunch in Soho I would recommend!!20 Something Detour

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