An Obnoxious Christmas Child In Bath

Bath, UK is an idyllic little town that is beautiful any time of the year. However, it really comes to life in the months prior to Christmas where the streets are filled with Christmas markets, groups of carollers and buskers singing Christmas songs and bright, bright colours everywhere.

bath abbey

If you have read many of my other posts (or know me personally) you will know that I become an obnoxiously excited little child around Christmas and even more so when Christmas markets are present (I very nearly hyperventilated walking into Winter Wonderland in London – only slight exaggeration). Because of this, and because my home town does the holiday season somewhat averagely (sorry Brisbane- but you cannot compete with Europe when it comes to CHRISTMAS) I try to get to as many Christmas related things as I can – starting as soon as Halloween is over (another of my favourite holidays!).

bath abbey

Bath Christmas markets were my first markets of the season, and I was not disappointed. The great thing about the Bath markets is that they are not just concentrated in one particular area, they are scattered throughout the town. The main cluster of market stalls are concentrated around the Bath Abbey courtyard and then spread out along the surrounding streets. It does add a little extra excitement as you wander the streets trying to find each and every stall to make sure you didn’t miss something incredible (like the amazing chocolate or marshmallow vodka we found at a stall tucked away up a side street!!).


There was also an adorable little pop up stall based inside a vacant tenancy that made the most amazing mulled gin. Now mulled wine I like, but this mulled gin was incredible. Infused with fruits (and I’m sure a lot of sugar) once we discovered this stall we just had to come back several times throughout our trip- they probably broke even solely thanks to us!


Along with the markets, during the Christmas season there are several pop up ‘lodge bars’ that are added to accommodate the tourists and of course add to the winter Christmas theme. You can even become what you know you’ve always secretly wanted to in your life: a life-size human snow globe..


Because, why not really?

Bath is of course known for more than just their Christmas markets. They’re known for, you know, their baths.


The Roman Baths are beautiful and of course worth seeing. I was lucky enough to waltz  in at precisely the right time. I have been there before and had to wait in a massive line, but this time I got there right on opening (out of sheer coincidence)  and was one of the first let through. I would highly recommend arriving just before 10am (Winter opening time) to prevent having to brave the crowds and nudge people out of the way for your perfect Bath shot.


The Bath Abbey, located in the centre of town is a gorgeous cathedral that is as pretty inside as it is outside.


The Circus is a round-about of pretty houses that I once heard was home to Nicholas Cage. Alas, he did not come out to greet us as we circled the houses (some of which have sold for £4 million each).

Jane Austen Centre, Pulteney Bridge and Prior Park are all other great sites that can keep you busy in the Summer months in Bath when the the markets aren’t on- or you can visit in December and do them all!

Bath is magical in the holiday season and two or three days are perfect to see everything you want to see – and at a leisurely pace.  My absolute favourite thing about Bath is its small town feel, while still having all the shops and cafe’s that a big city has. Sometimes its needed to have a breath of fresh air from London to wind down, before getting back to braving the tube and paying £9 for a prosecco (not even lying).


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