My House In Budapest, My Hidden Treasure Chest

One of my favourite things to do when I travel is to find any way I can to get high up and find an amazing view of the city I am visiting. This has even come to the point when I stood on top of a bin in the castle grounds in Bratislava in order to get a photo over a high wall… much to my sister’s protest and horror.

In Budapest I was able to be a little more civilised.



When I heard about Gellert Hill, I knew I had to pay it a visit. Taking a lovely taxi (yes, on occasion it is possible to get a decent driver!) to the Gellert Baths which are located at the bottom of the hill, we crossed the road and head on up.

budapest wunderlust


We stopped every 50m or so as we saw a look-out and took a picture – not believing that the view could possibly get any better. Of course it did every time.

The Gellert Hill is 235m high and boasts amazing views over the Danube and the two areas of Budapest, Buda and Pest (fitting, I know).


The views were unending, and we had picked the most perfect morning to trek up the hill.


My favourite was this incredible view of Liberty Bridge (helpful that there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky!).

There is something  particularly spectacular about seeing a view of a city, maybe it’s that feeling of being so small but seeing so much. It also reiterates that you’re on holiday, in a new city, and forces you to notice the differences between the city you are visiting and your home town. It also is pretty beautiful, of course.


It does also help that there was a pretty steep slide part way down the hill.


After seeing some 5 year old’s face their fear and slide down, we of course had to too.

Budapest is one of my favourite cities I’ve ever visited, and this view is one of the more spectacular city views I’ve been lucky enough to experience. I would definitely add the trek up Gellert Hill to your Budapest bucket list- even if just for the slide!


3 thoughts on “My House In Budapest, My Hidden Treasure Chest

  1. nice2beme says:

    I really like Budapest. I`ve been there once in 2014 and I was walking through the same places as you have in your blogpost. I fall in love with this city and I brought many of wonderful pictures and memories from there. You are welcome to check my adventures on my blog)

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