Royal Madrid (Or: Visiting The Summer House)

Madrid castle traveller

Madrid, Spain is not necessarily known for its palace. Usually when you think of picturesque palaces or castles, Germany’s Neuschwanstein Castle (a la Disney logo) or something like the gorgeous Palace of Versailles come to mind. But, if you’re like me and love a good castle even when it’s supposedly so-so (or you’ve been so horrifically deprived from living in the middle of nowhere – or Australia), you’ll see every castle that might come across your travel path.

Palacio Real de Madrid did not disappoint.

Royal Palace of Madrid 20 something detour

Its sheer size is amazing. I walked around the entirety of the castle, including the two palace gardens that surround. The Campo del Moro Gardens and Sabatini Gardens are both quite picturesque and beautiful.

20 something detour

The Sabatini Gardens are smaller and simple to get into. Pretty hedges and fountains allow you to skip around pretending you’re in Alice in Wonderland running through a maze (no, just me?).

Madrid Palace

The Campo del Moro Gardens are huge. I nearly turned around as the public entrance is on the completely opposite side from the castle and I wasn’t even sure it was open to the public. As I walked around the gardens peering through the gates, it looked practically untouched by tourists- no screaming children, no crowds and no loud obnoxious tourists!

Finally I arrived at the tiny public gate entrance and after walking down an adorable little staircase, was met with this.

Madrid castle

As I strolled around aimlessly, little hidden gems were everywhere in the overgrown yet well kept greenery.

Madrid Palace

Rudely, I did not see any of the Spanish Royal family, or even meet a distant dark and handsome royal relative that might like to invite me to walk up these steps to the palace with them… *sigh*.

Madrid palace

Even so, The Royal Palace of Madrid is definitely worth a visit.


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