Just A Christmas In Praque, Thanks

My first Christmas living abroad had to be special. If I couldn’t be with my family and doing the usual Australian Summer BBQ, presents, pool party stint, I wanted to make sure that Christmas was so spectacular that I would forget I was away from home. What is a more exciting way to spend Christmas than spend it in Prague!?

My sister, two friends and I headed to Prague and flew in on Christmas Eve morning. As the first thing I like to do when I land in a new place, we went for a little wander to get our bearings. As it turns out, the 24th of December is Christmas Day, not Christmas Eve as is back home. Still, we donned our Christmas jumpers and headed out to the main square.

We walked up the (numerous) steps and were greeted with Christmas stalls (!!) and this.

Prague Castle 20 something detour

The four of us literally stood there in awe (or me jumping up and down as the beautiful castle + CHRISTMAS MARKETS was almost too much to bear) for about 10 minutes before we hurriedly took a million photos before some more tourists could steal our prime spot.

Prague castle 20 something detour

There were just so many intricasies to the castle and I could post the thousand photos I took, from every little angle. But I won’t, that’s a tad excessive. Just one more though.

Prague Castle 20 Something Detour

We rounded the corner and as it turns out, this is the view from Starbucks, Prague.

Starbucks Prague View 20 something detour

Needless to say we spent the next hour or so here… drinking our lattes, taking our photos and not believing that we were together in PRAGUE and this was our view for Christmas Day.

view prague 20 something detour

Complete with reindeer jumper.

If you hadn’t already caught on, I am a total Christmas nut. I’m obsessed with Christmas markets, Christmas carols, putting up the Christmas tree, the whole shebang. I love Christmas at home, but Christmas in Europe is a special kind of wonderful.

Old Town Square Prague 20 something detour

The Old Town Square was decc’d out with amazing decorations, the smell of crepes and mulled wine (my new FAVOURITE drink), the cool air and music and excitement made Prague even more beautiful than it usually is.

Prague 20 something detour

The Prague Astronomical Clock located in the Old Town Square is insanely intricate and every hour you can see the mechanical performance as the clock chimes. Definitely a must see in Prague.

Prague 20 something detour

Charles Bridge is another must see, beautiful views surrounding and statues on either side. Very obviously, Prague is ridiculously busy on Christmas Day, however it’s well worth the subtle elbowing for the festive atmosphere and breathtaking sights. 100% would recommend!!


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